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I have been knitting my own fingerless mittens for years now. They are so useful, and invaluable for protecting your skin against the elements.


You can use them for keeping hands warm and protected when:

  • Driving

  • Using your mobile phone

  • Typing

  • Keeping hold of your child's hand (normal gloves or mittens are not great for this!)

  • Holding a hot drink

​All the mitts on sale are fitted for a small to medium-sized hand, and they are designed to fit snugly, without sagging.

gallery/pink hearts
gallery/mint cotton hearts
gallery/mint hearts cross
gallery/red swirls
gallery/summer sunset 2

I can make fingerless

mitts in a wide variety of yarns, colours and patterns.


Please email me to

discuss options.

gallery/lavender sweetheart 2
gallery/green wool hearts
gallery/spearmint swirl 2
gallery/neapolitan braid
gallery/bubblegum swoosh-heart
gallery/candy sweetheart
gallery/peppermint stripe
gallery/spearmint braid
gallery/lilac swirls 1
gallery/ice blue braid
gallery/chestnut back
gallery/autumn mist back
gallery/sea shell 4
gallery/sea shell braid back
gallery/seagrass back 1
gallery/snowy white back 1
gallery/turquoise twist back
gallery/berry milkshake back
gallery/blueberry braid back
Snowy White
Blueberry Heart
gallery/br str
Berries and Cream
gallery/red hearts 1-1
gallery/green tree 2
gallery/raspberry braid
gallery/lilac vine
gallery/sunset stripe 1
gallery/cherry braid 2
Bubblegum Sweetheart
Mint Sweetheart (wool)
Bubblegum Swoosh-heart

Fingerless Mittens - £13.50 to £16

gallery/sm braid 2
Smokey Braid
gallery/g+c back
gallery/sp sw
gallery/sm sw
gallery/sun str
gallery/autumn 4
gallery/sp sw 2
gallery/sunset str 2
gallery/summer sunset
Summer Sunset Stripe
gallery/glacier 2