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Examples of my work

gallery/bayeux tapestry
Bayeux Tapestry segment

I decided to recreate a small section of the Bayeux Tapestry as a present for my husband. I used a photo of the original tapestry, adapted it as an outline, enlarged it, and traced it onto the linen. 

I sourced and used near-authentic threads and colours from France, and copied the exact stitches from the original. I have included smaller close-ups, so you can see the stitching.

gallery/bayeux banner
gallery/bayeux horse

Some schools require that names are embroidered onto bags, coats and other items of clothing. 


You might prefer a unique, embroidered name, or even hand-embroidered clothing labels, rather than handwritten ones. Here are a couple of examples: 

Advent Calendar 

I made an advent calendar for my son for Christmas 2013. As I didn't want him to have presents or sweet treats every day in December, I made little embroidered pictures for most of the days, for him to stick on the tree. I designed and drew each picture myself (photos on the right - click on the pictures to enlarge).

I am happy to take commissions for any type of embroidery work. These include:


  • ​​​Writing, in any font or design you wish
  • Pictures1, e.g. a logo, icon or reproduction of another picture or photo
  • Children's bedroom door signs
  • Pictures1 / writing on clothing (e.g. skirts, jeans and children's clothing can be much-enhanced by embroidery or appliqué)​

1:  I can only reproduce images that are copyright-free, or for which you or I hold the copyright. 



Example of a child's bedroom sign:

gallery/names 1
gallery/commissions 1
gallery/embroidery title
gallery/charlotte - emb-1
gallery/advent pics 2
gallery/advent pics 1

Bird and flowers

This is a piece I did some years ago from a ready-made kit. This introduced me to the technique of painting with stitches, from which I went on to develop my own designs.

gallery/bird and flowers
Embroidered poem

This project was finished in November 2015. It is a large-scale work (50 x 55cm), framed in mahogany. I've included close-ups of the pictures, as it is difficult to get the details in focus on such a large photo.

gallery/final framed
gallery/dark pink flower

Testimonial from the customer:

'The beautiful poem that you embroidered arrived this morning and it looks absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for all of the effort you put in - you went above and beyond my expectations and produced something that we will all treasure. Thank you so much.'

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