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I love knitting and crocheting all kinds of different items of clothing, accessories and blankets. I include photos of personal projects below. If you would like something custom-made for you which I currently do not stock, please get in touch via email and we can discuss the details. 


 I can customise the yarn and colours on all of my current stock, according to your wishes. I can also make any of them in a different size.



I am happy to take commissions for any type of embroidery work. These include:

  • ​​​Writing, in any font or design you wish

  • Pictures1, e.g. a logo, icon or reproduction of another picture or photo

  • Children's bedroom door signs

  • Pictures1 / writing on clothing (e.g. skirts, jeans and children's clothing can be much-enhanced by embroidery or appliqué)

​Please see my Embroidery page for examples of my work. Please get in touch via email and we can discuss the details. 


1) I can only reproduce images that are copyright-free, or for which you or I hold the copyright. 



Current product in same yarn / different colour: no change to price.
Current product in different yarn / thread: entirely dependent on material cost - could be more or less expensive.
Any garment in a new size: this will depend on the difference in size and I will cost accordingly (i.e. amount of yarn, time taken).


Prices for completely new commissions will depend on the cost and amount of yarn / materials, and the length of time it will take me to make it. I will only be able to give a price for the commission after taking some time to cost it. 


Lead time

All products have different lead times, so it impossible to give a standard or minimum. I have to source the materials, make, block (i.e. fix the shape and size using a slow, air-drying method - knits only), then post. I will estimate and agree a lead time with you for each commission upfront. 

gallery/green cable jumper
gallery/green cable back
Examples of my past work



gallery/adult draggle

Adult Draggle scarf

gallery/purple dragon

Amigurumi Dragon

gallery/owl pouches


pouches for party bags

gallery/owl hat

Owl hat


Amigurumi Owl

gallery/twin chickens

Twin chickens

gallery/charlotte the chicken



gallery/p draggle
gallery/draggle 3(lg)

Purple Draggle

Draggle for nine year old